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Black Friday PROMOS

Black Friday PROMOS

Shop Ideal Body Clinic AMAZING Black Friday promos*


  • For a limited time only: Purchase 1 syringe of hyaluronic acid for 600$ and get 20 units of Botox for FREE! 
  • Profound get 30% off on regular price and 30 units of Botox for free!                                                  It’s a non-surgical treatment that prevents skin-aging and restores our collagen production. Profound can meticulously target the deepest layers of tissue, using innovative radio-frequency heat. The treatment stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, tightens, smooths, and lifts the skin.
  • Get Facial Lift Threading + 20 units of Botox for 999$!

Threading is the newest nonsurgical facial lifting and tightening, with instant results looking up to 15 years younger.


  • Receive 2 treatments of CoolSculpting for the price of 1!

CoolSculpting is a medical procedure that permanently destroys fat cells by selectively freezing stubborn fat pockets. More specifically, CoolSculpting targets these fat deposits by reducing their temperature and inhibiting their ability to live.

  • 5 Lipomassage + 5 Lipolaser 600$

Non surgical solution to stubborn fat. Lipomassage increases lymphatic drainage by 400 times, reduces fat cells, smoothes cellulite, firms the skin and sculpts your body. Lipolaser is a combinaton of ultrasound and radio-frequency technology which helps to eliminate stubborn fat. 

  • 5 Slimwave 300$ 

Ideal Body Clinic uses an electro muscle stimulation technology. This stimulation enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. The treatment also stimulates the body's natural fat burning and toning process helping to give you a body that is not only lean and firm but healthy too.


  • 4 Silk peel 400$

SilkPeel Dermalinfusion is a new form of dermabraison that provides non-invasive exfoliation and the delivery of skin specific topical solutions under pressure. An arsenal of uniquely formulated solutions for acne, aging and pigmentation enable the practitioner to customize treatments according to their patients’ needs, offering immediate results with no downtime.

  • Combine 1 Chemical Peeling +1 Microdermabrasion + 1 IPL for 300$ or

combine 1 Chemical peel + European facial for 169$

These medical treatments will remove fine lines, reduce the appearance of deep lines and pore size, scars, pigmentation spots, boost cell rejuvenation, even out skin texture and tightens pores.

  • Micro needling treatment 3 for 570$

This therapy helps to minimize small wrinkles improve the appearance of scars, including post acne facial scars, in all skin types & with minimal downtime.

  • Combine 3 Microdermabrasion’s + 3 oxygen infusions 300$

Deep peeling, stretch mark reduction, prevents aging, removes scatterings and white heads

  • 4 IPL Photo-rejuvenation -350$

Remove pigmentation, brown spots and rejuvenate the skin. Deep scar removal, facial lift and resurfacing

  • 4 fractional lasers 500$

Clears sun-damaged skin, smoothes fine lines and wrinkles, shrinks the appearance of pores, fills in acne scars, blends uneven pigmentation

  • 2 Fotona 2D + 2 Fotona 3D 999$

Involves intraoral smooth lifting and piano skin tightening, restores collagen and elasticity of your skin. It is a non-surgical ‘’face-lift’’ procedure which revitalizes the face from the inside out. 

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