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Nelly for Acne !

Are you tired of battling with acne? Did you know acne is a common skin condition, many suffer from it, fortunately Ideal Body has many solutions to this problem. Ideal body clinic offers many options from the Nelly De Vuyst care line, introduce them to your daily skin care routine. Take a look! Acne is…
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Did you know that cellulite affect about 90 percent of women at some point in their lives? Many women affected by this problem want to find the best treatments to improve the appearance of cellulite. Today, people affected by cellulite are offered many options, one of these options are anticellulite creams. In Ideal Body Clinic,…
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You don’t have to suffer from hair thinning and loss, oily scalp or dandruffs anymore!! Our specialists at Ideal Body clinic are trained in Capilia Trichology, which is the study of the scalp and hair in health disease. Our clinic offers a wide range of treatments such as PRP, Light therapy, mesotherapy, carboxytherapy and more. These…
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Biophora Products

Biophora Products Are you curious about how to enhance you daily beauty routine? What are the options available to you? Well Ideal body offers products you can purchase in order for you to obtain the ideal skin you wish to have. The Biophora products offer options such as, cleansers, skin conditioners, Exfoliators, correctives, Moisturizers, Eyecare…
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Botox is a safe and temporary solution for smoothing wrinkles.. Those stubborn horizontal lines and expression wrinkles make the forehead a common place to receive Botox. It is also used to smooth neck lines, to lift the eyebrow, to remove wrinkles around the eyes and to flip the lip. Botox is also effective to reduce…
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Vitamin C and Glutathione 

If you would like to remove unwanted pigmentation on your skin, or brighten up your skin, take a look at the multiple services we offer in Ideal body clinic. By using our Vitamin C ad Glutathione services such as facials and micro needling, you are able to obtain the results you want for your skin.…
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Eyebrow lift with filler

There are now more options than ever when it comes to creating the appearance of an eyebrow lift. Are you looking for a nonsurgical alternative? Let us introduce you to the amazing results possible with dermal fillers! Fight the tired, aging appearance with a liquid browlift, where the brow skin is lifted and tightened, smoothing lines…
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Botox Keratin

Feeling discouraged by the overall look of your hair?? Suffering from damaged, very fine or frizzy hair? Lacking volume or have luster split ends? A combination of botox and keratin treatment for your hair is the answer for you!! Hair Botox is actually a deep conditioning treatment that coats hair fibers with a filler, such as keratin.…
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Vitamin C

Lack of Vitamin C has been known to increase susceptibility to #viruses, and studies have shown that vitamin C deficiency is related to the increased risk and severity of influenza infections. Vitamin C is important to the human body and plays a role in reducing inflammatory response and also helps to boost the #ImmuneSystem when…
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20% OFF on ALL our Fotona Laser Treatments

Don’t miss out on 20% OFF on ALL our Fotona Laser Treatments a laser that can do it all!   IPL is known as a Photo Facial Rejuvenation treatment, it is one of the non-invasive procedures that treats skin imperfection such as, pigmentations, broken capillaries, freckles, birthmarks, chronic redness, red scars and rosacea. Moreover, IPL…
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