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Nose PiercingNose Lift with Botox and FillerCat eye liftHand RejuvenationAcne Scars, Stretch Marks and Surgery ScarsThread liftingFrench Lip TechniqueEyebrow Lift Botox + FillerLipFlipMedical esthetician career

Nose Piercing

Wearing a nose ring is a great way to add a little something to your style; it’s fashionable yet discreet—the perfect type of understated piercing in a business environment. Whether you choose to pierce your nostril or your septum (the small section that separates your nostrils), it’s a super cute and trendy look. Like ear…
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Nose Lift with Botox and Filler

Nose Lift with Botox and Filler Do you feel like your nose is too bumpy, misshaped and not as refined as you would like? You can improve the appearance of your nose without going under the knife! This non-surgical procedure, which consists in strategically injecting Botox and Filler, will help you achieve a more narrow,…
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Cat eye lift

Cat eye lift If you are suffering from sagging eyelids that appear old, and haggard, and make you look tired, cat eye lift will be the best option for you! Loss of volume in the temple and the brow heaviness can be address by lifting brow area up and out on natural vectors. The result…
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Hand Rejuvenation

Do you feel like your hands begin to show up your age? We might have some exciting options for you! Depending on your needs and preferences, you could opt for Filler, Sculptra and even IPL or Fotona, which are non invasive. This leaves you with a lot of choices to enhance the appearance of your…
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Acne Scars, Stretch Marks and Surgery Scars

If acne scars, stretch marks or surgery scars bother you, safe and effective treatments are available. A combination of micro needling, micro laser peel and fractional laser are the perfect treatments to renew your skin for a more even skin tone, improvement of texture and hyperpigmentation. Come in to Ideal Body Clinic and make an…
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Thread lifting

As we age, our facial structure loses facial fat and loose and sagging skin is more visible. The most affected areas generally include the cheeks, the jowls and the neck. A thread lift might be a great option for those suffering from loose skin. Thread lifting allows to lift and sculpt the shape of you…
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French Lip Technique

The French Lip Technique will help you achieve a “bee sting” pout without making them look unnatural or overdone. It is a chic, subtle and a soft technique which would enchant your lips’ appearance. This technique consists in injecting Filler (Hyaluronic Acid) strategically in your lips in order to keep your lips’ shape and structure…
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Eyebrow Lift Botox + Filler

GET A MORE DRAMATIC AND EXPRESSIVE LOOK WITH AN EYEBROW LIFT If you wish to achieve a more discreet and natural lift, the Botox injections can be an exciting option. Also, if you rather wish for a nicer and more noticeable lift, the Filler injection can help you achieve that! The Eyebrow Lift suits anyone…
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A LipFlip allows the upper part of your lip to relax and flip outward, creating the appearance of fuller lips. We make the lip flip happen with an injection of 4-6 units of Botox to the upper lip. The lip flip amplifies the natural shape of your lips, without exaggerating, for an all-natural effect. It’s a less-invasive option for…
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Medical esthetician career

Dreaming about changing your career? Becoming your own boss? Working in the medical field? Become a certified massage specialist. Learn various massage techniques online or in person. Our is school accredited by RMQ. After graduation, our students automatically become members of the RMQ association and are able to provide receipts for insurance purposes. Use this unique…
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