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New Promotion of 4D Face lift by Fotona!


None of us are prevented from physical age. It is a process that may lead to gradually changes in our bodies, as thinner hair, loss of height, hearing troubles, and certainly skin look.

With age, we all lose collagen, and therefore our skin becomes less elastic, which results in appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Fotona 4DTM is a perfect solution to restore collagen, and bring back the elasticity to your skin. This laser is used for different synergistic, non-invasive treatments that work on both exterior and interior sides of face. By working internally, it affects interior oral cavity, which helps to reduce wrinkles by voluminazing and tightening the skin.

The 4D procedure consists of four steps:

SmoothLiftinTM is a procedure used to target volume through collagen induction, process of skin rejuvenation.

FRAC3R which involves a fractional laser non-invasive treatment that resurface the skin, and reduces imperfection, like spots or vascular components.

PIANOR a third stage of 4DTM non-invasive face lift that provides a tightening effect to the parts of the skin that have lost elasticity and laxity.

SupErficialTM  is a last step that results in polishing effect, by removing dead skin cells. This process allows your skin to become brighter, healthier looking, and more glowing.

The regular price is $850tx per treatment.However, Ideal Body Clinic is offering a special, limited promotion of $250tx per session.

Construction Holidays Promotion

5 lipomassages for $300

  • Cellulite reduction
  • Skin firming
  • Varicose vein reduction
  • Body sculpting
  • Pain relief

5 lipolasers(20min) for 225$

  • Reduce unwanted fat
  • Tightens loose skin
  • Tones skin
  • Break down fat deposits
  • Reduce the body's circumference

3 saunas + 3 body exfoliations + 3 body wraps for 400$

  • Deep skin cleaning
  • Soften skin
  • Body detox
  • Body relaxation

4 chemical peelings for 399$

  • Remove dead skin cells
  • Remove fine lines
  • Even out skin texture
  • Tightening the pores
  • Boost skin rejuvenation

4 European Facials for 300$

  • Hydrating
  • Antioxidant
  • Sensitivity
  • Lifting
  • Cleaning
  • Eye firming

Summer Promotions

Prepare your body for the unforgettable summer with one of this incredible promotions:

Ultrasound Cavitation 20 min

Ultrasound Cavitation is a fat burning, body shaping, skin tightening and cellulite reduction treatment.

  • 5 treatments for 175$
  • 9 treatments for 270$

Lipolaser 20 min

Lipolaser is a combination of ultrasound and radiofrequency technology which helps to eliminate stubborn fat, tones and tightens up loose skin.

  • 5 treatments for 250$
  • 10 treatments for 450$


Lipomassage by endermologie® is alternative to liposuction and it is a non-surgical solution for stubborn fat. This treatment increases lymphatic drainage, reduces fat cells, smooths cellulite, firms the skin and sculpt the figure.

  • 5 treatments for 325$
  • 10 treatments for 620$
  • 15 treatments for 900$


SLIMWAVE WEIGHT LOSS TECHNOLOGY is an electro muscle stimulation technology. This stimulation enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. The treatment also stimulates the body's natural fat burning and toning process helping to give you a body that is not only lean and firm but healthy too.

  • 5 treatments for 360$
  • 10 treatments for 670$
  • 15 treatments for 920$

Slimwave treatment for the face

Slimwave Facial Toner helps activates the nerves which control the facial muscles. Electric pulses repeatedly contract and relax the facial muscles, toning, lifting, firming and tightening them.

  • 5 treatments for 300$

Liftmassage Skin Tightening

  • Get 5 treatments of Liftmassages with oxygen mask and oxygen infusion for 350$

Primary use of Liftmassage: face lifting; wrinkle reduction; natural collagen production; eye puffiness; face contour control


  • 4 Swedish massages 1h for 289$
  • Hammam/sauna access with 1 hour massage for 85$
  • Hammam/sauna access with body exfoliation and 1 hour massage for 125$
  • Hammam/sauna access for 2 people for 25$
  • Hammam/sauna access with body exfoliation for 2 people for 85$
  • Hammam is available only on Sherbrooke location


  • 20 Units of Botox for 140$
  • Hyaluronic Acid starting from 299$
  • 4 Microneedling for 720$

A therapy called micro-needling—in which a device delivers tiny needle pricks to stimulate the skin’s natural healing processes—can minimize wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars and post-acne facial scars in all skin types and with minimal recovery.

  • PRP 600$

Cosmetic Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Facial Rejuvenation is a leading-edge procedure that harnesses the healing power of platelets and growth factors from your blood to stimulate a stem cell response. These stem cells help you to grow new collagen and blood vessels, repair and regenerate damaged skin, and help slow and reverse the signs of aging.

Laser hair removal:

Choose the best technology for your body between: IPL Diod Laser Fotona Laser *
Full legs 399$ 499$ 929$
Half legs and underarms 279$ 379$ 879$
Full bikini 279$ 379$ 879$
Brazilian Bikini and underarms 279$ 379$ 879$
Full body 999$ 1199$ 1999$

* Fotona laser is available only on Monkland location