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Platelet-rich plasma, or also know as PRP, is a liquid substance that promotes effective healing, because of the platelets. Plasma is a component of your blood that contains special platelet, which are also known to be good proteins, makes them good development factors. The development factors are necessary for the body to heal injuries, wounds and damaged tissues properly. The platelets are best known for their significance in thickening blood. PRP will encourage your body to rejuvenate, furthermore, your body creates new and healthier cells.

The PRP procedure is often performed on athletes who have experienced some injuries such as tendon injuries, ligament injuries and muscle injuries. According to the research studies, PRP is known to be useful in treating chronic tendon injuries, especially tennis elbow, a very common injury of the tendons on the outside of the elbow. By injecting the platelets, it repairs and heals the injured area effectively. This therapy has been very popular in the sports environment, because many sports athletes have developed some problems through time and very often they need a small amount of time to recover. PRP therapy improves the healing process not only for these kinds of injuries but also for some surgeries.

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