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Fotona Laser Promo:

Fotona Laser Promo:

With the sun’s dangerous UVA and UVB rays being less active, fall is the best time to get all of your favourite laser procedures done. Here are a few of our favourite Fotona laser procedures for this season that we at Ideal Body Clinic are certain will boost your skin’s appearance and get you ready in time for the holidays! And remember, it is still very important to use sun block all year round!

Fotona 2D:

3 treatments – 690$

Fotona 3D:

3 treatments – 990$

Fotona Micro laser peel: 

3 treatments – 540$

Fotona Smooth Eye:

3 treatments – 390$

Fotona skin tightening:

4 treatments – 500$

Fotona Hot Sculpting:

5 treatments – 630$

Fotona Ablative Laser

1 treatment -450$

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