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Cyber Monday Promotion

Cyber Monday Promotion

Cyber Monday Promotion (valid for only one day)

3 Chemical peels + 3 collagen masks for $350

3 Photo rejuvenations for $230

1 Microdermabrasion for $99

1 Photo rejuvenation + 1 microdermabrasion + 1 chemical peel for 320$

3 Fotona 2D for $660

5 Lipomassages (LPG) for $300

5 Slimwave for $320

2 Slimwave + 2 Lipolaser for 225$ 

European facial $75 (regular price $80)

100% Pure Argan Oil is a great source of vitamin E and composed mostly of essential fatty acids, which are great for hydrating skin, hair and nails. Argan oil is a great remedy if you have dry skin due to its ability to lock in moisture to keep hair and nails healthy. It may also serve as a great preventive treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks.

20% OFF on Argan oil Nail care, Pure Argan Oil and Argan oil Lip care.

30% off on all RIVAGE PRODUCTS. 

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