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Rivage Dead Sea Facial Programs naturally re-balance & re-mineralise your skin.

Facial Massage
Enjoy a soothing and pleasant facial massage.
60min 120$

Mini Mud Facial
Express energy facial with natural vitamins and minerals from the Dead Sea.
40 min. 60$

Healing Mud Facial / Optional Steam & Extraction
This treatment will leave your skin clean, exfoliated, smooth and full of energy. Steam treatment is optional for deep cleansing.
90 min. $100

Thalgo Purity Ritual Facial M/F (optional steam and extraction)
For all skin types, this facial uses products that are perfectly adapted to the client’s needs. Optional deep cleansing steam and extraction is available please specify at reception.
90 min. $100

Micronized Marine Algae facial (for oily skin)
Rich in minerals and vitamins, the natural extract from algae helps in regulating sebum production and eliminates skin imperfections. The skin is refreshed and balanced.
60 min. $100

Algomega Warm Treatment (Dry skin to very dry skin)
Special nourishing facial care recommended for dry skin, making your face comfortable again.
60 min. $100

Cold marine (Sensitive and reactive skin)
Use for sun burnt or over reactive skin, reduces redness and helps protect against daily pollution.
60 min. $100

Thalgoderm (Problematic skin)
Rebalancing and refreshing, this can help reduce blemishes and break down inflammation.
60min. $100

Ocean Facial (men only)
For all men who are looking for anti-aging, anti-fatigue care for their skin.
60 min. $100

Revitalising Anti-Aging Eye treatment
Special attention is paid to the skin around your eyes to treat wrinkles and dehydration in this fragile area.
40 min. $55

Caviar Facial
Exceptional facial using real caviar extract.
60 min. $100

Absolute Re-Hydrating Facial (Dry and dehydrated skin)
This treatment is truly hydrating and relaxing «skin bath» for very dehydrated skin with fine wrinkles resulting from a lack of water.
60 min. $100

Collagen Velvet Facial (First signs of ageing)
Pure collagen for intensive moisturising care. Fights the first sign of ageing, from the very first wrinkle.
60 min. $100

Wrinkle Control Modeling (mature skin and deep wrinkles)
Highly concentrated and stimulating active ingredients, this boosting treatment restores the skins strength and radiance. 60min. $100

O2 Marine Oxygenating Facial (all skin types)
Brightens and revives dull skin, leaving the face refreshed and radiant.
60min. $100

Exceptional Facial (Restructuring and anti-ageing)
Designed by doctors, the ultimate biological «Botox (botulinum toxins) like» lifting facial, this treatment is rich in natural algae and hormones for the complete anti-aging range.
60 min. $100

Cleopatra facial
Indulge yourself as Cleopatra did and let the rich ingredients from Dead Sea unveil your natural beauty.
1 treatment $120
4 treatments $440

European Facial
During the course of our complete one hour facial, clients benefit from a relaxing aromatherapy massage, thorough deep pore cleansing, skin-smoothing peeling and calming facial masque.
60 min 80$
4 treatments $280

Revitalizing facial
This treatment will renew texture and clarity of your
skin, boost your blood circulation and enhances skins ability to repair.
1 treatment $120
4 treatments $440

Shirodhara Facial Massage Massage
Get a deep, youthful sleep with “Shirodhara” massage. Oil or milk is poured over the area of the “third eye” and a special technique with a massage of the face and chest area – this is a very brief and complete description of the techniques most sacred of Ayurveda. In this massage, we use ‘Marma and Nadi’- ‘magic body polests and lines’. SHIRODHARA is recommended is especially for people living in urban centers, regardless of age and sex. Above all, this massage has the effect has the effect of deep relaxation and stress reduction. These procedures give almost immediate rejuvenating effects. The emotions that have accumulated over the years, sometimes decades, unfortunately, occur in the form of social wrinkles. The cosmetic medicine, health and aesthetics industry, work hard to try and minimize this effect. But for a truly lasting impact, it is necessary to work with one goal- to reduce the negative effects of stress… It is recommended to combine a Ayurvedic body massage.
1 treatment 140$




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