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Acne Treatment

What is acne? Acne is the result of the excess production of sebum, and oil naturally created by the body to moisturize and protect skin. Too much sebum, mixed with dirt and dead skin cells, can lead to blocked pores, which afterwards become infected and inflamed, producing red pustules on the face, called acne. Everyone…
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Fotona Wart Removal

Warts are little, unpleasant developments caused by a viral disease of the skin or mucous layer. The infection taints the surface layer. The viruses that are known to cause warts are individuals from the human papilloma infection (HPV) family. Warts are not cancerous but rather a few strains of HPV, typically not related with warts,…
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ND: YAG Treatment for Vascular Lesions

(Spider veins, Telangiectasia, Hemangiomas) Vascular Lesions are usually the most common birthmarks, yet they can also arise shortly after birth. The chromophore for vascular lesions is known to be intravascular oxyhemoglobin, therefore thermal harm is restricted to a great extent to cutaneous blood veins. The common complications of vascular lesions include bleeding, infection, and ulceration,…
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TwinLight Fractional Rejuvenation

Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin are just some of the signs that describe aging, which we are all afraid of. Most of us have certainly dreamed about permanent beautiful and youthful skin, and went to buy expensive, yet not effective creams against physical appearance of aging. Fotona Laser offers a variety of treatments that would…
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We have all dreamed about perfect body with 90-60-90 parameters. Moreover, certainly we all have already tried to convince ourselves that we are going to follow-up on a diet routine and start exercising. However, with our busy life style, it is hard to eat healthy and stay always physically active. Fotona laser has a solution…
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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are the visible result of exogenous material (chromophores) implanted in the dermis, usually by tattoo artists, cosmetologists, or a traumatic event. Fotona’s QX  Max delivers  powerful, short laser light pulses that pass through the skin and break up the chromophores (Ink). The remnants of these chromophores are then naturally removed by the body’s defense…
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Let`s be honest with ourselves! The first sign of aging on our face are under eye bags, and small wrinkles around the eyes. Wrinkles and fine lines appear in this area when we lose volume to the templates. In our days, there are plenty of treatments that restore easily volume and support, including Botox or…
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Fotona Photo-Rejuvenation

Photo-Rejuvenation technique was invented by Thomas L Roberts III in the 1990s. It is known to be a skin treatment that uses laser CO2, ER:Yag, ER:Glass, ND:Yag, Diode, and intense pulsed light. Fotona Photo-Rejuvenation treatment uses two distinct types of lasers: Nd:Yag, and Er:Yag. Nd:Yag laser is normally used for non-ablative deep rejuvenation, yet the…
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NightLase Snoring

Snoring is an annoying part of a perfect, restful night, which can also bother your partner. What is exactly snoring and why people snore? Snoring is a vibration of respiratory structures, which results in producing a sound as a result of impeded air development during breathing at the same time as sleeping. Most of the…
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Fotona Microlaser Peels

Severe wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, and sagging skin are just some of the signs of aging that frustrate all of us. It is not a secret that we have all wished to stay always young, and beautiful. There are plenty of treatments on the market that help to reduce the unwanted signs of aging.…
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